Tuesday, August 4, 2015

2015 Disney Channel Storytellers Program open for submissions

Disney Channel Storytellers is a 20-week writer incubator program focused on developing up-and-coming talent who already have professional representation. The primary focus of the program is not staffing, but rather identifying the unique voices who represent the next wave of half hour comedy developers.

Running from November through April, Storytellers will allow four participants to write an original script for pilot consideration, create digital content for the online space, and pitch Disney-centric concepts for network consideration. The highly competitive program will be overseen by key Disney Channel development executives who will provide regular guidance and feedback, all in the name of building the creators and showrunners of tomorrow.

About the program:
  • Four writer entities will be selected. Both teams and individuals will be considered.
  • The program will run for 20 weeks beginning on or about November 2, 2015 through April 2016.
  • Participants are exclusive to Disney Channel for the duration of the program.
  • Participants will be paid at Article 13 scale, and be guaranteed a base salary of $77,000.
  • Participants will be given entrance into the WGA with accompanying benefits. If already WGA, the writer will receive WGA points.
  • Participants must be eligible to work in the US, and must be 18 years and or older.
  • Participants must provide own housing and transportation in Los Angeles.
The application deadline is September 1, 2015. You must submit two live action, half hour comedy samples (one sample MUST be original) and bio or credits via email from an agent or manager. For more information, check out the program's website.

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