Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's your favorite line in a movie?

Dialogue lovers: here's a fun new Academy Originals video in which industry pros reveal their favorite movie lines.

What's your favorite movie line?


PurpleHaaHoo said...

Ah, favourite lines....so many, and so little time. I'll have to watch the video later when I'm not supposed to be at work, but I love thinking about these things!

And, probably the one line I come back to time and time again is:

"We've gone on holiday by mistake!"

From the classic British comedy Withnail and I.

It's not the most exciting line; it isn't full of action, terror, romance of plot development but it is full of comedy. Just the absurdity of possibly going on holiday by mistake, makes me smile every time I watch the film or just think of the line - which is quite often and at least every time anybody EVER mentions a holiday.

And now I can spend the rest of the day thinking about other lines...

Unknown said...

My favorite line in a film is " Nobody puts baby in the corner". The movie is called Dirty Dancing! It is an absolute favorite.

Unknown said...

From Chinatown: Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson) answered his office phone as others chatted in the background. The caller (Faye Dunaway) asked "Are you alone?" His reply was sublime: "Isn't everyone?"

Sarah Golden said...

"A wise man once asked, 'are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at the stars because we are human? Pointless really. Do the stars gaze back? Now that's a question" - StarDust

I loved this line. It's the first line of dialogue at the beginning of the film, and not only does it capture the audience's attention, but it sets up the atmosphere of the film, and invites the audience to imagine.