Friday, April 17, 2015

Resources for comedy writers

Fernando writes:

Thanks for reading! For screenwriting advice in general, definitely check out Go Into the Story. There, Scott Myers has produced an absolute wealth of information, and plenty of the movies he explores are comedies. Geoff LaTulippe, who wrote GOING THE DISTANCE, also doles out advice on his blog and on Twitter.

You might also like the Scriptnotes podcast, since co-host Craig Mazin has written comedies such as IDENTITY THIEF.

Lastly, I enjoy the website Splitsider, which curates a lot of news and interviews about comedy (including TV and stand-up).

Check out the right side of this blog for a more complete list of screenwriting blogs, podcasts and places where you can download scripts. Reading professional comedy scripts is probably the most important thing you can do!

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