Sunday, February 1, 2015

Take a TV writing class with an actual working TV writer

Normally I'm skeptical of TV writing and screenwriting workshops and seminars because they're taught by out-of-touch "gurus" with little experience -- but here's one that isn't: The Script Anatomy Televisionary Writers Workshop.

Taught by Ali Laventhol (Perception, The Night Shift), this intensive 6-week TV workshop gives writers the option to focus on a TV spec or an original pilot. It takes place on Thursday nights from 7-10 pm, from March 5 to April 16th.

From their website:
Your instructor will guide you step by step through the process of crafting your script from concept to solid outline using Script Anatomy tools. This applicable and hands on course will help prepare you for staffing, development and the studio writing program application process.
Classes will cover:
Loglines & Pitching
TV Story Structure
Strong Act Outs
Tone & Genre Expectation
Character Development
Dynamic Relationships
Conflict and Obstacles
Dilemmas & Goals
Writers will learn tools to develop their TV scripts, have weekly assignments on concept, pitching, character development, outline, etc. Additionally, each writer will receive weekly peer feedback and instructor critique and evaluation of weekly assignments and material in a supportive environment.
I know the $595.00 pricetag isn't cheap, but it's for 6 classes. I haven't taken them myself, but I can vouch for Ali's knowledge and experience. The aspiring writer world contains so many books and classes by people without real-world experience that this workshop is a happy exception.

To learn more about Ali and her writing partner Tawnya Bhattacharya, check out their extensive article about crushing all your meetings in 2015!

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