Saturday, February 7, 2015

Scott Myers of Go Into the Story teaching writing workshop in LA

Are you a feature writer looking to immerse yourself in a writing workshop? Scott Myers of the impossibly helpful blog Go Into the Story is coming to Los Angeles for his Quest workshop, which takes place March 12-15, 2015.

There is the four day on-site workshop in Santa Monica that goes from 10AM-5PM Thursday-Sunday. In it, we learn screenwriting theory focusing on Character, Plot and Theme, then use a series of writing exercises and feedback sessions for each participant to develop an original story. This is all based on lectures and content I have used, created and taught for years. 
I added a 16 week online program which participants can use to build off the work they do in the workshop by prepping their original story (6 weeks) and writing a first draft (10 weeks). That is a free benefit for writers and an optional choice. Most use the 16 week program as a structure to motivate them to write a script, but others simply do the 4 day weekend.
Then this: Many of the participants continue to stay in touch becoming in effect a writers group. This pleases me no end because for an individual to have other writers as a resource — critique loglines, give feedback on pages, provide emotional support — can be a huge boost to one’s productivity and psychological well-being.
The cost is $895, but you can get 10% off if you enroll early with the promo code Discount10.

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