Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Advice from TV lit manager Zadoc Angell

The internet is filled with great interviews with TV writers, but we don't often hear from agents and managers. That's why I was so happy to read Final Draft's interview with Zadoc Angell, a manager at Echo Lake who has also worked as an agent (we used to work together!). He offers a lot of good advice for aspiring TV writers:
My advice is to work in the business. I think too often writers will keep a day job in some other medium that affords them the ability to write and a lot of free time to write so they might be getting the writing done but they are not building relationships. And so, they are missing out on a huge component – especially in television – of jumpstarting a career. People will have a day job at Starbucks or something and write a lot and they might have a body of material, but they are hoping to be discovered by an agent or manager out of the blue who then will somehow single-handedly launch their career overnight, and that’s just not realistic.
Click over to Final Draft to read the whole interview!

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