Monday, July 28, 2014

What is a tracking board?

Heather writes: I've heard about tracking boards -- are you on any? Should I pay for a membership? 

Tracking boards are email groups/message boards where assistants and others in the industry share scripts and information (email addresses, job opportunities, info about what specs have hit the market, etc.) I'm on a couple, but they're free; the idea is that you're an assistant (or someone) who has access to some information and scripts, and you're willing trade that access with other people who can give you access to their own information/scripts/etc. You can check out this 2013 Studio System article about some of the tracking boards in Hollywood.

If you're only taking things and not offering anything, then your membership is less useful to people -- but not everyone works in the industry, so in recent years, people have started paid tracking boards like and I don't have personal experience with these boards (please comment if you do).

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