Wednesday, May 28, 2014

TV writing podcast Children of Tendu wraps up "Season 1"

Molina (left) & Grillo-Marxauch

To an intimate, live audience of exclusive Twitter invites, the Children of Tendu podcast recorded their 13th and (for the time being) final episode this week. Hosts and TV writers Javier Grillo-Marxauch (CharmedLostMedium) and Jose Molina (FireflyCastleSleepy Hallow) held an open discussion with the crowd, fielding questions about TV writing, reminiscing, and offering up the same generous insights and sharp irreverence that has made their new podcast so popular with aspiring writers.

Topics included how maintain emotional health while being a writer in Hollywood ("Get a psychotherapist."), how keep perspective while getting notes ("You write for free, you get paid to take notes."), and how not to become a clinging neurotic with your reps ("Seriously-- get a psychotherapist."), just to name a few. The full episode is now available for download, along with all other 12 episodes.

The hiatus comes just at the end of staffing season, as both hosts move on to more television work: Grillo-Marxuach will continue is work on Syfy's Helix, and Molina will start on Marvel's new Agent Carter series. Luckily for us, the pair is planning on coming back for a "second season" of podcasting, with more guests and shop talk.

In the meantime, they encourage questions on Twitter. You can find Javier Grillo-Marxauch @OKBJGM, Jose Molina @JoseMolinaTV, and the podcast account at @ChildrenofTendu. They also have a pretty sweet Tumblr full of supplemental material.

Let's hope season 2 comes quickly!

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