Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Screenwriting links: Weds, April 23

When Your Dream Job Disappoints, How to Find Plan B [The Wall Street Journal]

New Pretending-To-Be-Gay Show Faking It Is Actually Realistic, Says Showrunner - Interview w/Carter Covington [Time]

Interview w/Bad Teacher Showrunner Hilary Winston [TV Writer Podcast]

Purging Your Writing Fear [The Write Practice]

The Best Apps for Any Kind of Writing [Lifehacker]

Going from rough draft to 'Draft Day': A journal of the screenwriters' four-year drive [Entertainment Weekly]

Vince Gilligan: keep the story and characters simple [The Blacklist]

Should writers ever give up?  [BBC]

The Secret To Pixar’s Success: Failure [Buzzfeed]

Finding Transcendence: Interview w/Jack Paglen []

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