Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Application Process for the 2015 DISNEY | ABC Writing Program

Attention aspiring TV writers: The deadline for the Disney | ABC Writing Program is fast approaching for 2015 -- and their application has changed.

From their Facebook page:
ATTENTION POTENTIAL WRITING PROGRAM APPLICANTS!!! This year's application process will be different from previous years. In addition to your application, submissions must include TWO writing samples: 1) An original pilot script that captures your unique tone, style and point of view, and 2) A spec script for a cable or broadcast series airing during the 2013-14 television season. We advise you to select a series that is well-established in at least its second season. This second sample should demonstrate your ability to adapt to an existing format while at the same time infusing your unique point of view and sensibility. Both samples MUST be live-action content. We do not accept animation samples.

The application will be posted on our website May 5-June 13, 2014. So, like we said before...WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!


the girl who could said...

In your opinion would it be ineffective, in a way, if one script fell in the comedy genre and one fell in the drama genre? I feel as though it could show diversity or the writer's ability to adapt to different genres. However, I know some writers insist you choose a specific genre to better your craft; so comedic writers are strictly comedy writers and dramatic writers are strictly drama.

Amanda said...

I know the lines are blurring with shows like Nurse Jackie, Shameless and Glee... but I believe ABC still requires you to apply for either comedy OR drama. Check their fine print to be sure.

the girl who could said...

Thank you!