Saturday, February 8, 2014

Screenwriting links: Sat, Feb 8

The Post-Hope Politics of ‘House of Cards’ [NY Times]

Sergio Talks To Playwright Tracey Scott Wilson About Her New Controversial Play ‘Buzzer’ & Writing For TV [Indiewire]

3 Essential Tips for Writing Semi-Autobiographical Screenplays [Indiewire]

Black Diamond: Interview with True Detective's Nic Pizzolatto []

2014′s WGA Award Nominees Share Thoughts On Screenwriting [Deadline]

Writing Sucks [Chicago Literati]

A 'unique' career choice [Fiji Times]

“I basically just talk to myself": Comedian Joe Lycett talks to Georgia Woodroffe about performing everywhere from Birmingham to Bahrain [Nouse]

I Will Not Write Your F—ing Script [The Wrap]

The Truth Made Captain Phillips Screenplay an Easy Sail
[Billy Ray for the LA Times]

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