Saturday, February 22, 2014

Screenwriting links: Sat, Feb 22

B.S. Report - Lena Dunham [Grantland]

Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators [The Atlantic]

Rep Relationships [Emily Blake/Bamboo Killers]

Will Ferrell Launches Female-Focused Film and TV Production Company
[The Hollywood Reporter]

29 Problems Only Writers Will Understand [Buzzfeed]

Warner Brothers TV Launches Directors' Workshop [Deadline]

Outlines Are Good, and 6 More Fiction Writing Rules I Hate to Admit Are True [Bustle]

Fall In Love With Your Writing [LA Screenwriter]

‘About Last Night’ Writer Fought Against Racial Stereotypes When Re-Writing Script [Atlanta BlackStar]

How To Create An Unlikeable Character [Raindance Film Festival]

Interview: Aaron Guzikowski ("Prisoners") [Go Into The Story]

'Looking' Writers on 'the Minority Trap' and Being Called 'the B-word' (Boring) [The Hollywood Reporter]

The 6 Most Common Mistakes When Writing Dialogue and How to Avoid Them [Beyond the Margins]

A Love Letter to the Lost: Interview w/ Akiva Goldsman []

How Jason Nash Makes a Living in Web Series [LA Weekly]

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