Saturday, August 31, 2013

Screenwriting links: Saturday, August 31

This Year Was the Turning Point for Intelligent Television [Flavorwire]

Is the Los Angeles film and television industry really in a state of emergency? [SCPR]

Emmys 2013: 'Breaking Bad' writer George Mastras talks 'Dead Freight' and his unusual career path [Zap2It]

Why you can't let rejection dash your hopes [Ken Levine Blog]

How Binge-Watching Is Changing TV: Viewers Date Their Shows [Huffington Post]

In Conversation: The Lifeguard Director Liz W. Garcia Speaks with Vogue [Vogue]

Watch: Kevin Spacey Gives the Edinburgh Television Festival Keynote, Urges TV Execs to Take Risks Film Execs Are Not [Indiewire]

TimesTalk: House of Cards [NY Times]

Writing Tips: 25 Rules For Keeping It Short And Snappy [Huffington Post]

Don’t Ask What I’m Writing [NY Times]

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