Thursday, May 16, 2013

WriterDuet App helps you collaborate on scripts

ScreenPlayPen LCC, the same folks behind (the screenwriting app that lets you hear what your script would sound like read aloud by actors), has just launched a new tool for screenwriters: WriterDuet brings to life what many writing teams and rooms have probably already yearned for: a screenwriting answer to cloud-based Google Drive - one that allows for multiple authors access to a script, industry standard formatting, and seamless tracking of who changed what (and when). It's also free.

Unlike some other third party screenwriting apps, WriterDuet plays nice with screenwriting software you're already using. The app can both import and export Final Draft 8, Celtx, and Fountain files with zero formatting discrepancies, and spit out PDFs for your (or some intern's) reading pleasure. Other bells and whistles include scene-by-scene navigation, a simple set of keyboard shortcuts, and built in video chat for face time with remote collaborators. There's even a Grooveshark plug-in for those who prefer to write to their own soundtrack.

The only glitches: there appears to be no way to generate a title page or add numbers to the pages.

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