Monday, April 29, 2013

Splitsider Presents debuts with experimental screenwriting film - go to the premiere for $5!

We live in a bold and frightening future, one fraught with tweets, pokes and #yolos. But with that bold future, we're also starting to see new and exciting ways to find, distribute, and watch films. Splitsider Presents, the newest initiative from comedy site, aims to debut comedy features, docs, and stand-up into the ever-growing field of independent digital distribution. If you're an aspiring writer, widening avenues of developing, producing, and distributing scripted content outside of the studio hierarchy are good news, especially in cases such as Splitsider Presents.

Their website explains: "because we're selling directly with no other partners, we're able to give a majority of every sale price right back to the comedians and artists behind these projects." 

Splitsider Presents' debut feature shines the spotlight on screenwriting. A hybrid narrative/doc about a fractured troupe of NYC comedians who come together to write one last experimental film, The Exquisite Corpse Project (directed by Ben Popik) is a continually engaging, funny, and touching screenwriting meta exercise. In the film, each comedian writes 15 pages of the same film, with only the preceding five pages from the last writer to inform his segment. The result - a schizophrenic, yet oddly cohesive funhouse of a movie - examines screenwriting principles, collaboration, and friendship in disarmingly incisive ways.

Check out the trailer:

The Huffington Post raves: "The concept is wildly original and consistently entertaining."

Even better news: The Exquisite Corpse Project is premiering in LA this Weds night, with a special deal for Aspiring TV Writer and Screenwriting Blog readers. Simply visit and use the promo code amandablog to get $5 tickets! You'll also be treated to a Q & A with filmmakers.

Date: Weds 5/1
Time: 7 pm
Location: The Silent Movie Theatre: 611 North Fairfax, near Melrose
(Note: The movie is NOT silent.)

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