Monday, April 1, 2013

Launch Your Own Script Frenzy

Update: one site aiming to take the place of Script Frenzy is the April Screenwriting Sprint, aka 120 in 30.


'Tis the season, people. Time to take stock of our endeavors, pin our hopes, fears, and insecurities into submission, and race to weave them all into one cohesive document. Nope, it's not our taxes, it's Script Frenzy, the international screenwriting event that challenges writers to complete 100 pages of scripted material during the month of April. Those familiar with NaNoWriMo probably get it, right? Yeah, you get it. Technically, the official Script Frenzy competition was canceled after 2012 - but we like the idea of the challenge. Why not start your own Script Frenzy? Especially if you haven't finished your first script yet, or if you've been struggling with a specific project, it can be a great motivator.  

The rules:

1) You must write a script (or multiple scripts) of at least 100 total pages.

2) You may write individually or with a partner. Writing teams will have a 100-page total goal for their co-written script or scripts. 

3) Scriptwriting may begin no earlier than 12:00:01 AM on April 1 and must cease no later than 11:59:59 PM on April 30, local time. 

4) You may write screenplays, stage plays, TV shows, short films, comic book and graphic novel scripts, adaptations of novels, or any other type of script your heart desires. 

5) You must, at some point, have ridiculous amounts of fun. 

Last year, 16,500 people took part in Script Frenzy, racking up a total of 85,000 participants since its debut in 2007. And while plowing through 100 pages in one month isn't always advisable, with the right prep, self-imposed deadlines like Script Frenzy can produce breakthroughs for writers who need to shake up their process, or newcomers ready to get that first "vomit" draft out of the way. Sometimes you just need to know that you CAN do it.

Since you can't use the actual Script Frenzy website anymore, perhaps you can tally your work with another site or app. A simple Excel doc also works!

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optoblog said... said in June 26, 2012 that they have cancelled their contest because "As much as we wish we could continue hosting Script Frenzy, the OLL board recently voted to end Script Frenzy because it was operating at a loss that was unsustainable."