Wednesday, January 23, 2013

JHRTS Panel Tonight: How I Got My First Gig: Young TV Writers Tell All

I know this is late notice, but JHRTS is hosting an exciting panel tonight:


Matt McManus said...

Thanks for posting this. I went to the panel last night and found it pretty informative. Jim and Isaac essentially got their starts after getting into the NBC Writers On The Verge program, while Joe was friends with a writer/producer and Lauren had her blog.

Isaac's story was particularly interesting, because he said he left LA and returned to San Diego, where he worked nights in a warehouse. He mentioned he didn't know anyone in the industry, save for a lit agent who gave him notes on his "Parks and Rec" spec. He made the suggested script changes, and he was confident that was the only reason he got into the NBC fellowship. So, I suppose his story somewhat dispels the assumption that applicants need to have significant industry experience in order to get accepted into Writers On The Verge.

Amanda said...

Thanks for reporting back, Matt! Good intel.