Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday links!

GOING THE DISTANCE writer Geoff LaTulippe has relaunched his website/blog. His post How Do I Read? How Do I Write????? is a must-read guide to what to look for when studying professionals scripts - and I'm sure he'll be posting plenty more professional insights in the future. He's also giving away a bunch of stuff for Xmas...check it out!

The Bitter Script Reader posted a great guest blog post from Eric Heisserer about the studio film development process from a writer's perspective (Eric is the writer behind the 2010 reboot of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, as well as FINAL DESTINATION 5 and the 2011 prequel THE THING.) The journey from first draft to film is both complicated and frustrating - and this is a great "insider" look.

Now that it's Awards season, you can find a lot of award-hopeful professional screenplays online. Scott over at Go Into the Story has linked to a bunch of them, from ANNA KARENINA to LINCOLN to MOONRISE KINGDOM. Read read read!

Variety has announced its 10 Screenwriters to Watch for 2012. Read their stories and be inspired!

This one's old - but via Twitter, I've just now been alerted to Film Crit Hulk's 2011 blog post, The Myth of 3 Act Structure. Although film execs and producers largely refer to features as having three acts, you might find it helpful to study follow Shakespeare's 5-Act structure, since Act 2 in a feature covers so much ground.

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Greg M said...

Thanks, Amanda. Great links. Particularly liked the Variety selections (folks who've paid their dues!), and, in that, the Rajiv Joseph partnership article, and the fact that the partners are able to pursue independent projects on the side as well.

Ben Affleck makes a good point about Chris Turrio, the "Argo" screenwriter: "He was so deeply steeped in the research, he became this amazing asset. How many relationships have the writer on the set every day? That's a rarity." Yeah. But it *shouldn't* be a rarity.