Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday links!

Chris Pine and Co-Screenwriter Alex Kurtzman Discuss Captain Kirk's Growth in Star Trek 2 [Reelz]
"It is structured so that the antagonist brings out all of the qualities in Kirk that need to happen in order for Kirk to grow."

Goon Screenwriter Jay Baruchel Talks Hockey Violence and Bringing Back the Enforcer [Wired]
"I had that as an idea and watching that movie you are rooting for both of them and neither of them, you want both of them to succeed but you also know that just can’t be. In order for one of them to succeed the other will have to fail, but you also have a connection to both of them. I also thought of it as a Western in a way. You have these two gunfighters, they hear about each other and you know that inevitably they are going to have to face off."

Exclusive Interview with 'Magic Mike' Screenwriter Reid Carolin [About.com]
"..he develops a conscience through the movie because he doesn’t intuitively feel fulfilled."

The Animated Life of Seth MacFarlane, From ‘Family Guy’ to ‘Ted’ [NY Times]
"It was an idea that I had for an animated series. And when I decided it’s probably about time for me to make a movie, that seemed like a cool idea. The “Avatar”-slash-“Lord of the Rings” technology had reached a point where you could create a fictional-looking character that was completely real in movement. It’s been in adventure films, in fantasy films. Where more than a comedy do you need subtle character actors?"

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Very cool link about Seth Macfarlane. That guy is a comedic genius.