Monday, June 11, 2012

New UK screenwriting contest open to writers around the world

I'm constantly getting emails from foreign writers looking for ways to break in. Since they can't move to LA and get an assistant job without a work visa, these international screenwriters can't follow the usual path I recommend. Instead, I suggest that they try to become published writers or get industry-related jobs in their home countries, and also look for reputable contests/fellowships that accept foreign submissions, like the Nicholl Fellowship and the Sundance Feature Fellowship.

Now there's a new contest to add to the list: sponsored by Final Draft and the Raindance Film Festival, the Screenwriting Goldmine Competition is looking for "great original screenplays, 45-125 pages in any genre, from new writers from all over the world. Prizes include £1,000 in cash, Final Draft Software, Raindance Workshops, IMDB Pro memberships, and screenplay consultancy. Most important of all, the finalists will have their work read by eight heavyweight judges, opinion leaders within the industry. The quality of these judges means getting to the finals should attract you some international recognition."

Regular Submissions £32 by 1pm Thurs 5th July
Last Minute Submissions £38 by 1 pm Thurs 12th July
(All London times.)

I always warn my readers to be wary of contests, since they often take your money without really providing you access to industry insiders. But the Judges for the Screenwriting Goldmine Competition, like those in the Final Draft Big Break Contest, seem pretty legit - check them out and decide for yourself.

Remember that no one contest is going to be the key to your success. Keep looking for new ways to get your work out there!

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