Monday, January 2, 2012

How to find a writing partner

David writes: I've just started writing screenplays for the first time and am hoping for insight/suggestions on how to look for a writing partner. I'm new at this, though am reading a ton to educate myself.

 Most writing teams I've met paired up organically. Friends from college, friends of friends, old coworkers, writing group members, etc. But if you're new to LA (or NY), I don't think it'd be impossible to seek one out. In addition to all your reading, you might take up a writing class at a place like UCLA extension (which could also be a place to meet a writing partner). For comedy writers, UCB offers classes in both LA and NY. In Chicago, check out Second City. You might also meet like-minded aspiring writers at events like writing panels held at The Paley Center, Arclight, WGAw, WGAe, etc. (See "events" at right.) Getting a job in the industry is another way to meet fellow aspiring writers. And there's always Craigslist...

 Remember that you'll have to share all your script sales with your writing partner - and teams don't make double the money that solo writers make. Also, you won't be able to use a team sample to get an individual writing gig, or vice versa - so be sure about your partner (or be willing to retire your team samples and write your own solo samples later).

 Don't expect a more experienced writer to pair up with a novice; good teams usually have equal experience, work ethic, etc...though I've heard of good writing partner relationships in which one writer is the structure expert, for example, while the other excels at dialogue.

 Readers who have partners: how did you meet?


C.J. said...
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C.J. said...

I would love to find a writing partner as well. Esp for comedy to see what works is crucial w/sounding boards. Amanda, since you have so many aspiring and newbie writers to LA maybe you can have a community board on your blog? It'd be a way for writers to meet. I'd totally love to help you build that board on your blog pro bono.

Amanda said...

Hi CJ - that's a great idea! Can you send me an email at aspiringwriterblog at gmail dot com? thanks!