Thursday, December 1, 2011

You haven't seen...?

I can relate to Edgar Wright, who sometimes gets chastised for not having seen popular films. From his blog:
I hope in my time I have never chastised anyone for not seeing a movie. Neither am I a big fan of the phrase “I can’t believe you haven’t seen…” accompanied by an exaggerated expression of surprise. (Case in point: When I bought the first season boxset of ‘Breaking Bad’ at Amoeba, the cashier said with a smirk “You haven’t seen this yet?”) 
 I basically believe that you can’t be late to a party if the party never stops. 
Back in January, I did my second New Beverly season showing some of my favourite films and indeed saw some of them on the big screen for the first time. Which gave me an idea… 
For my next programming stint, why not screen classic or cult movies that I have yet to see and always wanted to see on a big screen.
He'll be showing films from Dec 9-16. Check out the listings here. 

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amyp3 said...

When people say they haven't seen classic films from the 40s, e.g., Casablanca, that gets my mouth agape.