Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday links!

The Secrets of Hollywood Agency Mailrooms [THR]

Universal Chief Ron Meyer Addresses VOD Fiasco, Admits Cowboys & Aliens, Land of the Lost, Wolfman Kinda Stunk [Movieline]

Sitting for hours on end can put you at risk for breast, colon cancer: research [NY Daily News]

'Harold and Kumar' writers on the art of offensive comedy [LA Times]

Hunter and I: Withnail and I writer-director Bruce Robinson channels a kindred spirit, the legendary Hunter S. Thompson, to script his rendition of the gonzo journalist’s first novel, The Rum Diary. [WGA.org]

Comedians Sound Off On Louis CK's Latest Funny Business [Fast Company]

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Dan Williams said...

I read the article on "Hollywood mail rooms" and found it to be interesting and amusing. Who doesn't want insights into how really successful persons got started?

But for those who never get hired for a mailroom job, there's no reason to feel left out or left behind. Yes, mailroom workers get to see the entire business at work, and to meet all the players, even those at the highest levels. But after about 3 months on the job, the mailroom person has learned all there is to know at this station, and unless the person gets a promotion, the mailroom work gets boring really fast. So it's no great loss not to get a mailroom job.

But the important part of the mailroom job is the chance for the person to show off their personality. If you have a really good BUSINESS personality, starting in the mail room is good. If you don', you won't get that promotion up the ladder. If the person does get that promotion, he or she should continue to take university courses on the industry's business workings as, in the end, it is WHAT the person can DO for the client that counts and not the person's personality.

But if a new and young writer, a CREATIVE person, doesn't get a mailroom job, don't feel bad. For you, it's just a nine-to-five, minimum-wage, boring job. It would be more interesting to work in a grocery store! And working in a grocery store would provide a lot more story ideas! Come to think of it, a franchise based on a GROCERY STORE might be great for a comedy!

There's many, many roads up the mountain, and they all lead to the top.