Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday links: Glamour Reel Moments 2011

In its 6th year — with 20 films premiered, Glamour Reel Moments brings Hollywood’s leading female talent to take a turn behind the camera, directing a short film inspired by real-life story submissions from Glamour readers.

By helping place more women in the director’s chair and focusing on real-life stories, Glamour Reel Moments strives to serve as a vehicle of empowerment for women.

Proceeds from Reel Moments—Produced by Glamour and Freestyle Picture Company—benefit a charity chosen by each director.

2011's directors are Olivia Wilde, Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldana. Check out their awesome shorts!

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Dan Williams said...

What a great project! Glamour mag deserves a lot of credit for taking the initiative and making a positive contribution to empowering women directors!

It got me thinking. There are great animation programs out there, so would a writer in Hollywood be well advised to acquire one and bring some of his or her scripts to life on the small screen? Would this be tantamount to training as a showrunner? Would it 'wow' any of the people in the business? Could the adventures it might lead to be recounted in a Hollywood non-fiction book? Could it lead to a part-time teaching job, if needed, at a community college?

Anyway, it would be nice if Glamour could air a special on cable, showing the shorts and having a panel comment on them.