Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Premiering tonight: NEW GIRL

Written by Liz Meriwether and starring Zooey Deschanel, NEW GIRL is a comedy about newly single woman who moves in with three dudes she finds on Craigslist. From an interesting New York Magazine profile of Zooey:
The New Girl script came her way at a time that Deschanel was a little weary of the indie-film circuit. She’d already taken most of 2010 to tour with She & Him. She hadn’t thought seriously about doing TV—she’d never found a character she wanted to play for such a potentially long stretch. Jess, though, she liked. The show’s I Love Lucy sense of high jinks, too. Plus it was a chance to work with a female writer, which she’d hardly ever done, and to show off her ­physical-comedy skills, which in later episodes will include fending off an 11-year-old suitor on a wedding dance floor and leading a group of troubled youth in a hand-bell choir, impromptu choreography by Des­chanel. “I guess I felt like there was stuff I could do that nobody knew I could do,” she says. “It’s rare that the ladies get to be funny in that particular way.”

Check out a preview of the show, which premieres tonight, Sept 20, at 9/8c on FOX:

You can also watch the entire pilot episode online right now!

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Dan Williams said...

Lots of good stuff happening for women this season on tv!

So maybe women tv writers will be more in demand going forward than ever!