Thursday, September 22, 2011

...and have you seen UP ALL NIGHT?

I know I have some of your questions to get to... but I'm swamped with new shows!!

Created by Emily Spivey, UP ALL NIGHT tells the story of a fun-loving couple who realize they can't maintain their crazy lifestyle when they have a new baby. Maya Rudolph co-stars as a Tyra-ish talk show host who thinks she's Oprah. The second episode aired last night, and it was pretty hilarious.

UP ALL NIGHT airs Wednesdays @ 8 on NBC.

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Dan Williams said...

Haven't seen the show, but loved the promo.

Christina Applegate is soooo funny. I think the premise of the show is even better than "30 Something" and I hope it succeeds.

It's time to have a show with 30-something parents that reflects the reality of family life in all its humorous complications. Again, I can relate to it more than CSI or L&O.

Carlos Matthews Hernandez said...

I like it, though I don't really find it hilarious. I did burst out laughing when the cops called Chris to reveal who called in the noise complaint.

Outside of little moments like that, I enjoy the show mostly for the relationship between Chris and Reagan.

Shawndra Russell said...

I LOVE this show so far, and you hit it when you said "fun-loving couple." I am so happy to see a couple that actually likes each other, shares inside jokes, and is a model of a couple that I would actually like to be like. So often, tv shows and movies show the woman as a nag, snappy, and just plain unpleasant and completely consumed with being a mom and running the household instead of a partner and friend to their spouse. Definitely enjoying this show (and speaking of parenting, I am still enjoying the show Parenthood this season!).

Brandi said...

I agree Shawndra. I'm also glad that the dad takes care of the kid and the mom doesn't need to tell him how to take care of the kid.