Thursday, July 21, 2011

For those with 90s nostalgia...

TIME: Happy Sweet 16: Top 10 Reasons Why Clueless Is Still Awesome
The longer you live in LA, the more jokes you understand. This movie never gets old for me!

NY Times:The Good 'Ol Days of 20 Years Ago
TeenNick is bringing back classic 90s Nick shows like All That and Clarissa Explains it All. Can't wait to brush up on my Everyday French with Pierre Escargot!

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The Bitter Script Reader said...

I agree that there are parts of Clueless you appreciate more after you move here. (And there are REALLY a lot of parts of L.A. Story that you gain an even greater appreciation for.)

The one Clueless joke that bugged me after I moved to LA is the "Everything in LA takes 15 minutes" with regard to travel time. You can't even get from WeHo to Silverlake in fifteen minutes some nights!

Remember the days when everyone thought Alicia Silverstone was going to be the next big star? That feels like an eternity ago.