Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011 Writing Fellowships/Workshops

Deadlines for the 2011 writing fellowships, workshops and contests are almost here!

Warner Brothers Writers Workshop - Weds June 1

ABC/Disney TV Writing Fellowship - Weds June 1
NOTE: This year, ABC requires two recommendation letters from industry professionals. Don't forget!

NBC Writers on the Verge - Thurs June 30

Austin Film Festival - Weds June 1 (late screenplay deadline and teleplay deadline)

Final Draft Big Break Contest - Weds June 1 (late deadline Weds June 15)

Need notes on your script? I am knocking $5 off my usual prices. I am also available to do rush notes for a small fee. Click here for more info.

Good luck!

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Googs said...

Didn't know about Final Draft's one! Thanks!!!

Sasha said...

Thanks for the info on Disney/ABC's new letters of rec requirement!

They keep upping the amount of qualifications you need to apply! Is that a good thing or a bad thing, do you think?

Little Miss Nomad said...

@Sasha It's a bad and confusing thing. First off, they're not gonna find any talent that hasn't moved to NY or LA with such a prerequisite. Second of all, they're extremely unclear about how they want the letters and what kind of letters to send. "Working entertainment industry professional" could be a wide range of people, and, since it's on CD (another stupid requirement), they should clarify if they want a physical letter scanned or a Word doc the recommender emailed you.
When I wrote to ABC asking them to clarify so my app was in order, they emailed me back saying "You MUST meet the criteria before you’re considered for the Program. Maybe this is not the year to apply. You can use the next year to continue to write and get the necessary experience. You should use the next year to make sure all you meet the requirements.
The letters MUST come from someone who has read you and responded to your material."
How does that even answer the question?

Amanda said...

The program definitely seems to have shifted over the past few years...but keep in mind that the the program is looking for people they can staff on shows quickly. This is not a program designed to TEACH you how to write, or to teach you how the television industry works. I imagine they've found that people who have zero experience with the industry are simply not ready to be staffed.

Little Miss Nomad said...

Understood. But it's a fellowship. They're looking for baby writers. Granted, they don't want people who don't know what they're doing, but it seems like they're moving further and further away from the other programs, which are trying to give people without industry footholds a chance. If you write amazing scripts, why should you need a recommendation from someone in the industry? Obviously part of the reason to apply to the fellowship is that you don't have a natural "in." I personally can get recs and have, but the requirement, especially during May, where a lot of industry professionals are insanely busy with upfronts and staffing and don't have time to write recs, is going to exclude a lot of great writers who have enough trouble breaking in. Also, I just like instructions to be crystal clear. :) That's all I'm saying.

Sasha said...

@ Little Miss Nomad -- interesting that they want the recs to be from someone who has responded to your work! I had assumed it would be from people who know you professionally but not necessarily as a writer. I mean, aren't most people going to ask their bosses from when they were PA-ing or interning or something like that? I figured the point of the recs was to show you're not completely new to the industry/unprofessional, not about your writing per se. Honestly, that would make more sense to me, since they already have a script and 2 essays of your sitting right there in front of them, lol.

On the one hand, I agree with the idea that it's important they know you're ready to be staffed and having some professional experience is part of that, but on the other hand, all these pre-reques for a $50K/yr job seems a little ridiculous. Aren't they kind of pricing themselves out of the market?

Says a person who's still going to apply so eh, maybe nvrmd.

So what do you think they want those recs to say?!

Rox said...

HELP! I just tried submitting an entry to writers on the verge to the email they supply on the page which is and it keeps returning back to me as failed delivery. I even tried it from a different email account and with out attachments. The deadline is today at 3pm and there isn't a phone number to call. Anyone know how to contact them? Thanks