Thursday, April 7, 2011

Parenthood FTW

Parenthood is the best show you're not watching. I promise. Last week's episode, "Taking the Leap" (Season 2, episode 19) was probably my favorite of the season. After watching a second time, I realized how thematically tight it is: Julia's conversation with Amber is a great parallel to her later conversation with Joel, and Gabby's advice to Christina features the same concept of support. Basically, this show has amazing writing/acting/directing - and the whole thing looks gorgeous, too. Here's a clip:

Really, you owe it to yourself to watch the whole episode.

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Baby Writer Z said...

Yup, Jason Katims is the man...loved FNL, love Parenthood.

Blakey said...

I totally agree! I've tried to turn everyone onto Parenthood who hasn't started watching it - sincere & about family w/o being cheesy- plus, the acting is superb (especially the kids! Sydney and Max are amazing!) It's one of my faves - my other fave hour long family-oreinted show is Shameless - have you seen it yet?

Evan said...

Absolutely, Parenthood is an AMAZING show. Can't believe it got no love during awards season.

Love Coach as Poppa Braverman.