Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Story: Episodes 1 and 2

On Story, Austin Film Festival's new TV series, focuses on the inspiration and creative process at the conception of the filmmaking process. Each episode includes interviews and footage from past Austin Film Festival panels and screenings of screenwriters and filmmakers discussing their craft and films, and features a short film from a Texas filmmaker, which has previously screened at the Austin Film Festival.

The first episode includes the short film Frente Noreste, an Austin Film Festival 2010 Official Selection, by Angela Torres Camerena as well as new interviews from Randall Wallace, Writer-Director, Secretariat; Lawrence Kasdan, Screenwriter, Empire Strikes Back; and Shane Black, Writer-Director, Lethal Weapon, Long Kiss Goodnight, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Check it out:

Watch the full episode. See more On Story.

In Episode 2, the creative minds behind Star Trek, Transformers, El Mariachi and Watchmen discuss the challenge of creating fantastical worlds and getting the audience to suspend their disbelief. Featuring David Hayter, Roberto Orci, Damon Lindelof, and Robert Rodriguez. Film: Tadpoles by Miguel Alvarez. Take a look:

Watch the full episode. See more On Story.

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