Thursday, February 17, 2011

Entertainment job websites

I got an email from a woman working for ESPN asking me to include their careers website on my link list...and I realized that I didn't have a list of all the entertainment job websites out there - so now I do. (It's under "Job Sites" on the right side of this page.)

Keep in mind that you may apply to 100 jobs online and not even get one interview. Overall, people don't get jobs this way; they get them through people - and often do unpaid internships first to make contacts. But if you don't have any contacts yet, applying for jobs online might be worth a shot. Back in 2007, I did land an interview in NY through Media Bistro.

Anybody have an online job search success story? Please comment!

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Gabeli said...

I have gotten a couple calls from jobs I've applied to online, but all the companies turned out to be obscure and didn't much appeal to me. Every really cool job I've gotten has been thru someone I knew.

Baby Writer Z said...

I once got an interview for a writer’s asst job from the UTA joblist of all places…there aren’t a lot of listings like this on UTA so I was doubly lucky (even though I didn’t get the job).

The BEST online job resource to have (I think) is someone on the Google group COORDINATORS 411 who will forward you job listings. Sadly, you can’t join this group yourself unless you’ve held a job with the word “coordinator” in it (i.e. you’re a member of local 871). As opposed to the usual job board listings (mostly agency/studio jobs) the jobs are usually on movies and TV shows (usually POCs looking for a new PA or PA recommendation for a show).

Jen said...

I've actually gotten most of my jobs through Entertainment sites, short gigs lasting 2 days, longterm gigs last a year and half. Def obscure companies, but also very well known shows and companies. From regular jobs sites I have had interviews at ABC, E! online, CBS (I got this job), The Amazing Race, and talk show with a very famous celebrity, a pilot for a reality show that later turned out to be huge etc et.c I've certainly gotten other gigs and long term jobs from contacts, but I can say I have had great success with the online job market. I think what has helped me in this endeavor is my short concise resume, people will spend on average 8 seconds glancing at a resume and the fact that when I needed/wanted a new job I'd send all the contact emails out first and spend entire days refreshing websites, and applying to jobs of all kinds. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I but dont' think it's fair to say people don't get jobs from online sites.

Angela Entzminger said...

I've gotten job interviews and four jobs from online job postings - but I've also attended numerous job fairs and have met lots of people in person. Looking for jobs online is one part of the puzzle that can help you find employment.

Dan Williams said...

It's a really interesting subject! There's lots of online job postings, but do they get you the job if you apply?

My experience is limited to two trys: in one, I didn't have the right qualifications and so didn't get the job. In the other, I had the right qualifications and I did get the job.

On the try where I didn't get the job, a decent number of persons gave me information on why not, so it was worth it in that sense. When I did get the job, it was duck soup: the woman asked me in for an interview, I went, I got hired on the spot.

The workplace is evolving, of course, and becoming more digital, so I don't think today's job hunters can ignore it. Besides, it's a lot of fun to send out emails with your resume! It's a cool adventure! Far better than having to send a letter by snail-mail!

Jeff said...

you can get interviews from just have to make your application epic.