Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Send me a spec" and the following panic

Ryan writes: I met a TV development guy over the weekend who gave me his card and said, "Send me a spec." On top of the script I'm planning on a very short, single paragraph cover letter, but do you think a résumé or the like is worthwhile? Also, despite the increased popularity of getting work based on pilots, should I take his "spec" comment to literally mean he wants a spec of something on the air?

Do not send a cover letter. Maybe this is what you meant, but you should just send a simple email, something like "Great meeting you this weekend! I hope you survived rainpocalypse 2010. As discussed, here's my spec of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Looking forward to your thoughts!" Definitely do not send a resume unless he talked about helping you get a writers' assistant job or something. He wants to find out about your writing, not about your random odd jobs.

The spec versus pilot thing is a little tougher. I would follow his advice and send a spec since that's what he asked for. But if you have written a pilot you're really proud of, I don't see any problem with saying something about it in the email. Something like: "If you're interested, I also have an original pilot about robots who get lonely after killing off the human race." See if the logline makes him bite.

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Alexander Lorenzen said...

I would agree. I don't see how including a pilot about anything could be a bad thing at all. It's writing experience.