Monday, December 6, 2010

A screenwriting fellowship?

Sarah wrote in to share the Cinestory Screenwriting Awards, which offer over 20k in prizes and a "one-year fellowship with two industry mentors." There are a few fellowship programs for TV writers (like those from ABC/Disney and Nickelodeon), but I haven't yet seen anything for features, so this is pretty cool. Generally, I'm wary of contests since they often lack professional industry connections, but if you look at the list of former mentors, this one may be the exception.

Any writer without produced feature film credits may enter, as long as his/her entered script has not been previously optioned, sold or produced. The regular deadline is Dec 31 and the entry fee is $55.

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Unknown said...

This may have already been covered at some point but Sundance actually offers fellowships for screenwriting, directing and producing. Here's a link.