Thursday, December 2, 2010

A call for questions/ideas

I'm glad so many people got fired up about yesterday's post! I know I haven't been blogging a lot lately, but I honestly feel like I'm a little out of things to say.

For any new readers: I'm a former agency assistant who now works as a reader, blogger and tutor while working on TV and film scripts. The aim of this blog is to answer the question, what do you do between college and getting paid as a professional screenwriter? Things like...How do you get an internship? What kind of jobs are helpful? Etc. I try to stay away from writing advice or bashing bad movies or shows, since I know I don't really have the authority to write about those things yet. But I am happy to share anything I find helpful in my own writing, and sometimes, like yesterday, I have to rant about things I've found while reading scripts for coverage.

I encourage you to browse the labels to the right of this page to read old posts about agencies, networking, etc. - but if you can't find the answer to your question, or if you want to start up a discussion about something, feel free to email, comment or Tweet me.

I also offer a cheap notes service if you're looking for feedback on your script.

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Sam said...

what's the best way to prepare for a meeting with an agent/manager?

how do you go about finding a mentor and asking someone to help you through multiple drafts/multiple projects?

theunderling said...

as another lady trying to make it in this industry, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to appropriately deal with male co-workers and bosses who act inappropriately? I'm incredibly lucky to have a (low-level) job in the television industry, but now I have a boss who just makes me feel uncomfortable on a daily basis. I don't want to risk my job by speaking up, since it is so hard nowadays to get any position on a show, but I hate having to put up with lingering hands on my shoulders and uncomfortable sexual comments that just shouldn't be said to anyone, anywhere. Any advice from your own experience or other folks in the industry?

Dan Williams said...

I sort of dodged the "male fantasy" thing. But to generate material for posts, you could give your take on issues other bloggers are dealing with like John August and Joe Konrath.

All your experiences are interesting and informative because you are on the archetypal journey from college degree in TV to staff writer.

Even just to say what you had for lunch, and where, and with whom is cool, it's hip, it's inside Hollywood, which is what is one of the things that is unique about your insight.

Sasha said...

I'd like to second theunderling's question.

I'm not in the specific situation she's in, but workplace culture does seem very different out here than from what I'm used to, and I am having some trouble getting used to the social mores. I'd really like to know your (and the commenters') thoughts on work culture, and industry culture in general.