Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More on romcoms, and THE BIG C

I thought this LA Times interview with Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk-Robinson, writers of Life as We Know It, added an interesting take on the comedy vs. drama issue in constructing a romcom.

Also check out TheWrap's interview with Darlene Hunt, creator of Showtime's The Big C. Darlene talks about where stories come from, and how to find the angle that will make networks want to buy your pitch.

"The most important part of pitching a comedy is to make your audience laugh," Darlene says. "...cancer was never and will never be the punchline in this show. Instead, I looked in other areas...dialogue, character quirks, outrageous choices made by a desperate woman...and so I revamped the pitch and made myself laugh."

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Dan Williams said...

Loved Darlene Hunt's interview! Thanks for the tip!

She's really got a great capacity for doing a lot of work! "The pilot doesn't get bought? No problem, I'll write another!"

Jen C said...

"The Big C" is by far my favorite new show, if not my favorite show, period. It is the perfect mix of hilarity and sincerity and Laura Linney is impeccable. I love it! Thanks for sharing Darlene's interview.