Saturday, July 17, 2010

KeyPa Network Night Weds, July 21

My friend Mike from wrote in and asked me to tell you guys about their upcoming networking event.

Date: Wednesday, July 21
Time: 8 pm

The Casting Office Bar & Grill
3575 Cahuenga Blvd W
Universal City, CA 91608

From their site:
Come join us for a night at the bar and surround yourself with likeminded people who share a common goal: Hollywood Success. Prepare yourself for drink specials, raffles and excitement just off the 101 in Universal City. You will be surrounded by people in the entertainment industry, each with their own riveting story of what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

Our goal is to help you get your foot in the door and start a career in the entertainment business, so be prepared to hand out business cards, talk about yourself, learn about others and forge connections with a large network of young entertainment professionals. Of course, we will also have experienced industry folk to help you understand what you need to do to take this town by storm (no, they have no direct jobs to offer you!).

You are encouraged to bring business cards, iPhone Bumps and any way to make an impression and connect with people even after the networking night is over. We will have a few articles on about ways to capitalize on an event like this, so stay tuned.

To sign up for the free event, visit

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Sasha said...

Thanks for the heads up, Amanda.

I'll definitely be there. :)

Sarah Mathews said...


If you desire a job that would hopefully someday lead to being a staff writer for a tv show, and have written specs but have never had any employment in the industry, AND if you currently don't have a business card from your "day job", then what kind of business card should you create to present so that people can remember you and possibly get in touch with you after the event is over? Just a card with your name, phone number, and e-mail address? Putting something like "amateur tv writer" may be honest but looks incredibly dorky.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

Amanda said...

I just write my name and then Writer underneath. If you write scripts, you're a writer. Don't label yourself as amateur or aspiring (yes, I know the title of this blog).

You want people who take your card to remember you as a writer, not a PA on something. Plus, you never know when your job situation might change.

Sasha said...

Um, not to go American Psycho on this conversation, but as long as you guys are talking business you have (centered):

Name Lastname
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

on white card-stock? And you just went into Kinko's or something to order them? How many do you have? How long did they take to get? How many do you bring to events like this? I've never had to make my own, and only ever carry two--guess I figured nobody actually kept business cards. If you like somebody, don't you just put their info in your phone? If you take their card, isn't that just a polite gesture (and don't you throw it away when they leave)?

Or is that just me?! Please don't tell me now that I'm the only one who's been an asshole this whole time and everyone else was archiving the random shit they got at mixers. How is that even possible? I mean, I sort of hope it is for the sake of my job prospects, but sort of don't for the sake of my soul. What do you guys do with all the cards people give you?

Sarah Mathews said...

Thanks, Amanda. :-)

And Sasha, IMO, you only put info into your phone for social stuff (new friends or new dates). For professional stuff, like possible jobs and networking, I think you should give and receive business cards.

Amanda said...

you can get free business cards at .

Sasha said...

Thanks for the vista.print link!

And good to know about the phone v. card thing. :) I was thinking of all those slimy guys who give you cards so you can see their job titles (gross).

But not everyone is slimy, so not every card is for ego boost purposes only, and should perhaps be saved--makes sense. Now I won't be automatically offended when nobody puts my info in their contact list. So, thanks :)