Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big, Crazy and Irresistible Characters

In trying to watch every movie ever made (or at least the funny ones), I've noticed that a lot of really great, interesting and lovable characters are completely nuts. In real life, you can't just start stalking someone. You can't tell everyone you're married. You can't just jump off boats in big emotional gestures. But in movies and TV, you can think big. You can go crazy. People can get away with things they couldn't in real life. I think it helps when the irrational behavior is grounded in something real, but sometimes a little absurdity is fun too. Here are some of my favorite crazies:

Barbra Streisand in WHAT'S UP DOC:

Goldie Hawn in HOUSESITTER:

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Kristan said...

Omigosh, HOUSESITTER!!! I like totally forgot that movie. MAN oh Pete, now I want to watch it! They were both so adorable.

Dan Williams said...

Absolutely FABULOUS. One of the all-time best rom-coms.

Sasha said...

Both of those seemed like screwball comedies...the guy is the straight man trying to hold things together and the woman's the zany one that propels the story forward (the protagonist?).

I wonder if movies like that are any more likely to pass the test you posted a while back, about female characters speaking to each other?

Unknown said...

I watched this for the first time after reading "Save The Cat" because Snyder talks about how he cassette taped the film and would listen to it driving to and from work in LA, and how it had the perfect midpoint, blah blah. Such a great flick! She is so crazy!