Thursday, May 13, 2010

HWAS ABC Fellowship Info Event Monday, May 17

The Hollywood Writer's Office Assistants Blog is hosting an ABC Fellowship Info Event on Monday, May 17 at Hollywood Billiards. You'll get to ask questions and hear advice and tips from ABC's Frank Gonzalez and Ollie Ashtari-Larki about getting into the program.

I attended the event last year and found it to be very informative!

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Dan Williams said...

Sounds great! What a lot of great events and functions are open to aspiring TV writers in LA! As a sort of alum, would you go to this year's event, more as a person with advice than as one who needs it?

Sometimes it is hard to accept that younger persons coming up can actually help you more than older persons in the system can! (And it's happened to me! Gulp!)

Anonymous said...

After a storm comes a calm.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, you stole my name! I too am Amanda the aspiring writer. Except I write novels; but as I'm just as interested in movies as books, I'd love to write a screenplay one day too.

Eric Wheeler said...


There are dozens of blogs by literary agents who deal in books. Are you aware of agent blogs from agents that deal with screenplays and tv scripts?

Amanda said...

Eric - I've never seen any, no. I imagine that agents are already too busy and too deluged with material to be doing something like that. I'm not sure I can see what the incentive would be for them to blog.