Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More behind-the-scenes blogs

After my last post, Dane wrote in to share the CSI:MIAMI Producer's Blog. Some of the posts are more production-related, but there's some gossip from the writers room too. (Thanks, Dane!)

I did some searching for more and it seems like a lot of shows start blogs in their beginning promotions, but then only update once. I'm hoping we'll see more pop up.

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Kristan said...

It's not a blog, per se, but Liz Tigelaar of Life Unexpected has a great Facebook page (and Twitter stream, for that matter) that she updates herself with behind the scenes photos, links to interviews, etc.:



Thanks again for cluing me in to that show. I love it!

Dan Williams said...

Absolutely love CSI: Miami! Thanks for the tip, the behind-the-scenes production decisions are somehow always fascinating.

The Bitter Script Reader said...

I'll second the endorsement of Liz Tigelaar's Twitter stream. I Tweeted her a question about how the timing of Cate's pregnancy wasn't clear and didn't seem to make total sense, and she wrote back with an answer that cleared everything up.

(For those curious, at the time, the show hadn't been clear that Cate got pregnant in her junior year, and actually seemed to imply it was senior year. I wondered how she could have been pregnant senior year, and still be 34 while Lux was 16. Liz said that she was pregnant in her junior year. I then asked how she managed to hide that pregnancy while still in school. Her answer: "She wasn't showing until spring and then just came back late to school in the fall." Oh yeah, Liz is totally cool to put up with a nitpicker like me.)

Also, this blog is WAY out of date, but if anyone out there is into HEROES, this is the blog of director/producer Greg Beeman, who left the show last year. It's mostly production related stuff, but some writing tidbits can't help but sneak in.