Monday, March 15, 2010

Interview with BURN NOTICE showrunner Matt Nix

"A 'showrunner' as a position is a relatively new thing. It used to be the executive producer. That's not true anymore. Now it’s evolved into this model where people look to showrunners and say, that guy is that show. It’s just become a lot more interesting to know the showrunner and to get a sense of that person.  It’s certainly not true of every show on television. But if you meet [Mad Men creator and producer] Matt Weiner, he looks like Mad Men, he sounds like Mad Men, Matthew is Mad Men, he just is." - Matt Nix

Check out the whole interview at Deadline Hollywood.

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Dan Williams said...

Thanks for the tip! It was an interesting interview!

What TV shows provide for the viewer, I think, is the experince of being within a certain world without having to study for years on their own to get there. So they don't have to BE a CSI to live out a CSI's experience on this particular case.

A showrunner, I guess, has the talent to pick out the storyworld that the audience wants to inhabit, now.

I would guess that there are millions of young persons on the planet who want to move to LA and get an assistant's job in any capacity so they can work their way up into the show-business industry.

It's the "American Dream" gone global. It's the achetypal "coming of age" pattern.