Monday, March 29, 2010

For anyone writing at a coffee shop who is tired of writing at a coffee shop

From my friend and fellow WriteGirl Ashaki:

The Writers Junction is now open in Santa Monica and selling memberships. I like it. You might like it, too. Free coffee and tea in the kitchen; Wi-Fi; plasma flat-screen and blankets in the break room; lovingly sarcastic television, newpaper, novel and poetry writers; and, rare appearances by a dog named Keelee. (I know that was not a complete sentence.) Monthly memberships are available in case you want just one month of writing sanity where you don't end up smelling like roasted coffee beans. Special workshops are available to members like the upcoming course on selling your non-fiction book.

Oh, and the chick who wrote this about The Writers Junction for the LA Times is also a member. 

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Dan Williams said...

It's important to have some "people contact" every day, I would say. This is where acquaintences can be so valuable. And family, too. This setup sounds good for aspiring writers as it supplies acquaintences who are in the business, if the monthly fee is not a problem.

Unknown said...

It sounds ideal, in fact; A great way to network, keep in social contact and write all in the same space. I wouldn't be surprised if getting into the right one of these in the future becomes very competitive.