Thursday, February 4, 2010

Articles: Women in TV

Letterman Show Hires Female Writer, Jill Goodwin

Women Can't Create and White Men Can't Jump

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Elize Morgan said...

Thanks so much Amanda.

That's crazy, but very interesting.

TooAdorkable said...

That second article hit the nail on the head. When that study came out about female theater directors discriminating against female playwrights, nothing much happened. And if appears the Writers Access Program hasn't had much of a positive effect either.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

if we're talking discrimination on pure numbers, couldn't one say there's some creative exec discrimination going on in women's favor?

TooAdorkable said...

@Jeff what do you mean?

Jeff said...

@ at too adorkable

I just mean that, if you read the article "Women can't create and white men can't jump," you'd notice that there are 42 female creative execs compared to 28 male executives, which is an imbalance when compared to population demographics. Thus, by using the logic that people used to discern discrimination among TV writers(male writers taking up more than than their percent of population distribution), that you could surmise some discrimination among the hiring of creative execs.

In all honesty, I was just playing devil's advocate, and don't think this is a huge problem. And I do agree that there aren't enough women and minorities running shows(some of my favorite shows ever, like Gilmore Girls, were run be gals).

TooAdorkable said...

@Jeff Gotcha. And you're totally right. Statistics don't tell the whole story.