Thursday, January 21, 2010

Premiering tonight: The Deep End

The Deep End is a new ABC show about young lawyers that premieres tonight @ 8. I actually wrote a version of this in college called Partners that I pitched as "Grey's Anatomy with lawyers" - but I'm guessing this one is a bit better, mostly because it includes my beloved Veronica Mars alum Tina Majorino. Check out the promo:

I just have to add: Put a cork in it, Zane.

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Nina Moon said...

I'm much discussion is there about the diversity of casts on shows like this, even when there aren't minorities in the writer's room? I'm usually really proud of ABC's casting decisions...Grey's, Private Practice, Ugly Betty, Lost (not so much Brothers and Sisters, but hard to fault them there since the show is about one specific family), but this show seems to lack diversity big time. (It does look like there's one black woman and I saw an Asian man in a couple shots, so, uh, yay?)

That said, it looks like a promising show from the previews.

Nina Moon said...

I take that back, one of the 5 new attorneys is black too. :)

I guess I just expect a lot from ABC now. Is that naive of me? Yes, probably.

Bob Saget said...

New Moon, I know for a fact that there is at least one black staff writer on this show. I can't speak to any other ethnicities.

I actually think that ABC (NBC, too) is the network that's pretty good about diversity...although it could just be the shows that I watch: Lost, Grey's, Ugly Betty, Better Off Ted, Scrubs (now crappy), Modern Family, Flash Forward (always crappy), and V.

The only one on my ABC roster that's completely lacking is Cougartown.

Katie and David said...

I was wondering if you knew if the legal shows (like The Deep End) consult or bring on actual attorneys to help with authenticity? I'm a young attorney/former editor, who loves writing. I just randomly started thinking about a possible future in legal television writing, but I have no idea how the system works. When I searched google your post popped up!