Thursday, December 17, 2009


Sorry I haven't been updating so much. You guys don't seem to be as quizzical as you used to! Feel free to send in any burning questions.

I've actually spent the last couple days in the writer's office of an upcoming network drama. I'm just filling in for a writers' PA who went home early for winter break, but it's been very cool. The writers are all so nice! They've all introduced themselves and asked me my name. And remembered it! I like writers.

(But the food! My god, the food. If I ever work on a show full-time I will gain 100 pounds.)

You might be interested in this interview with Josh Olson, whom you might remember from his famous diatribe, "I Will Not Read Your F---ing Script." A lot of us are pretty far away from adapting or rewriting the work of others, but I think he makes a lot of good points about the stories we choose, and how different people will respond to different things. It's always important to think about what your story is ABOUT on a deeper level. Trust? Fear? Identity? Commitment? Power?

Another interesting news item is that cancelled show The Beautiful Life will get a second chance on the internet. I always like seeing how the internet can affect the industry in new ways.

Coming soon...some thoughts on my favorite movies and TV episodes of the year. What are you guys reflecting on?

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Sasha said...

Hey Amanda,

I've actually been wondering: how many TV specs should I have? And what should I do with them when I'm done?

I've got one spec completely finished, and I've been planning to write three more (two more procedurals and one more chronological drama)in the coming months--but is all that writing pointless?

On the one hand, I think I need more time to learn how to write a good TV script; but, on the other, I don't really know what I'll do with all those scripts when I'm done. There are the fellowship competitions of course, and there are one or two people I could show the scripts to...but that's as far as my horizon goes at the moment. Is there anything else I should consider? What should my priorities be in terms of writing/having specs read, in general?

Also, on a related note--I've put off moving to LA because of what I hear re: the horrible job market. Are you seeing a turn around? How's it going in terms of assistant jobs out there? I know I'd probably need to do a couple internships before landing anything regardless, but I'd like at least the *hope* of a job after the first few months :)

Justin said...

The food is ridiculous and when you can order whatever you want, it's hard to always pick the healthy option. However, you get jaded after a while and grow sick of the same places despite the fact that it's free!

Dan Williams said...

Okay, here's a question that interests me. A writer writes a couple of spec scripts, an original pilot and a feature. And the writer is from out of town, say, for instance, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. What next? Does the writer approach an agent in L.A.? How should that be done? Email? Anyway, this next step sure is anxiety-producing!