Friday, November 20, 2009

Thrifty Thursday/Fan Friday: Planet Salon

This is totally off-topic, so I apolozige to all boys and otherwise uninterested parties. But I wanted to share my love for Aveda's Planet Salon in Beverly Hills (and the amazing Brian McCombs).

Throughout my life, I have had very few haircuts I've been happy with. My hair is somewhere between curly and straight, and it takes considerable effort to make it either one of those things. When I moved to LA, I met people who would exclaim that their favorite salon "only" cost $120 a cut. Oh, LA. I figured I would just give up on an awesome cut and opt for cheap: SuperCuts. Incorrect! If you're like me, you want at least that one day of perfect hair. But SuperCuts charges a-la-carte for things like shampoo and dry hair, so if you want to walk out of the salon with perfect (dry) hair, you have to pay extra. My not-so-super cut ended up costing me like $55!

So then I started going to Floyd's, a trendy rocker barbershop for both men and women. It's a cool place that's reasonably priced (I'd definitely recommend it for dudes), but the cuts can be very inconsistent, and it's clear that they're just trying to get you in and out as quickly as possible. One time the woman cutting my hair told me that my last haircut had been done all wrong. I was like, " guys did it."

Finally I discovered Planet Salon in Beverly Hills. It's funky and cool and has a bit of that Aveda hippie my-body-is-a-temple stuff going on. In addition to your shampoo, cut and style, you get a head massage with vapory things, and a hand massage. It's super fun, and I really love my stylist, Brian McCombs. Plus, it's reasonable - and not just LA reasonable. Cuts start at $65, and they often have coupons (they're running a 20% off special right now).

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Kira Snyder said...

I love Planet Salon too! Been going there almost four years. Brian's a sweetheart.

Erich Eilenberger said...

Also, Logan at Rudy's in Santa Monica is great. Like Floyd's, however, the chain as a whole can be inconsistent.

Dan Williams said...

Been going to the same guy for 4 years now, in Guelph, and wouldn't go anywhere else.

a ghost said...

best, coolest hair place:

Fur Hair Gallery

check it (your welcome):

We Really Didn't Think This Through said...

Floyd's in Venice, on Lincoln. Go see Jesse. He does an awesome job with long layers. He will not nickle and dime you.