Monday, February 16, 2009

Support Reality Writers

Some friends of the blog wanted me to tell you about a rally this week to support reality writers:

Support American Idol Workers!

In 2008, the American Idol Truth Tour traveled across the country to expose the poor working conditions for writers and other workers on American Idol.

On Wednesday February 18, the Truth Tour comes to:
7800 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Genesee Gate

Rally & picket begins 3:30 pm SHARP

American Idol continues to be a ratings juggernaut, raking in huge profits for FremantleMedia, the multinational corporation that produces AI and other popular shows like America's Got Talent, Million Dollar Password, Family Feud, and The Price Is Right. Despite FremantleMedia's success, the corporation does not provide the writers who contribute to the success of these shows necessities like health care and pension!

As American Idol broadcasts live on Feb. 18th, join reality and game show writers, along with the Teamsters, Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice, Professional Musicians Local 47 and other community supporters outside CBS TV City to demand that FremantleMedia treat its writers with respect!

To RSVP click here. For more information, go to

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Dan Williams said...

It sounds like a great cause, thanks for the head's up.

I don't know if you are that interested, but I went back to Gossip Girl #2-17, "Carnal Knowledge" and wrote out the story beats in each Act for the "Chuck Bass plot": this "story blueprint" could be added to your Writer's Toolkit as an example of a story you might like to break in the room in the future:

TITLE: The "Eyes Wide Shut" story

Act 1: Chuck wakes up in a strange hotel room with memories of an adult party and a strange ink stamp on his arm, but he calls a friend and says it might have been the best night of his life, and he's got an invitation card with the address on it.

Act 2: He meets his friend and the friend's girlfriend at the address, and opens the door to "the ultimate gentleman's club" and he has flashes of the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, but he can't remember much, but he's hoping that coming here will change that.

Act 3: (1) He finds a photo of the girl on the piano as well as a real estate brochure (and now he can call this office to get more information.) (2) The female real estate agent identifies the photo as the house owner's nanny, but she can't give out the client's name, but she can leave the file as she gets them some water; he calls the owner who says that "Elle" was in Greenwich last evening, so he leaves a message with his name and address.

Act 4: A friend calls Chuck and is glad he is moving on, but he is meeting the girl.

Act 5: He's with her, and all he can remember is her, but she wasn't there to meet him but his father, but she can't reveal any names and doesn't want any further contact with him.

Act 6: Chuck opens the wall safe and finds his fathers appointment cards and asks, "Father, what were you doing?" But Elle's employer calls asking for her, but he says he doesn't know where she is, and lies that he'll call back if he finds out.

(And we are left to wonder what Chuck's next move will be.)

I hope you find this outline useful, I know that doing this exercise really helps me to see the Big Picture. There's also a real sense of beauty, I think, in seeing how a story that works fits together with such great logic.