Saturday, January 31, 2009

Movie Review Haikus

I'm pretty proud of myself that I've seen almost all the Academy movies. Still need to watch DOUBT and VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. But otherwise, woo. Don't you love that watching movies is considered productive in our line of work?

I don't want to be long-winded about my thoughts, so I'm using the beloved haiku. I was almost too lazy to write this but my buddy Willz seems amused by the prospect, so here we go.

Like Forrest Gump 2.
Pitt's hot, flick's overrated -
And there's no conflict.

A heartwarming tale,
Kind of a boring logline
No big white stars! Woo.

Supporting cast: C
But Clint: lovable racist.
A pleasant surprise

I'm sad for the snub.
Each line so deliberate,
Sad, intense, poignant.

Kate is so awesome
Exploring the shades of grey.
Rick's right: Oscar soon.

Why not Best Picture?
Pixar's most adult movie
But simple love tale.

Update: oops! I knew I had forgotten some:

I love how Morgan
Finds the small stories within
Some great acting too.

Sean Penn disappeared.
Heartbreaking and uplifting.
I really liked it.

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Monsterbeard said...

Mingella is good.
This film has no relevance.
It's Eight years too late.

All actors are great.
James Franco is so sexy here.
But I am not gay.

Made so much money.
Heath is spectacular here.
The mayor wears make-up?

Thomas Brady said...

You're actually insane if you think BENJAMIN BUTTON has no conflict. The premise itself defines the conflict in the story. He AGES BACKWARDS and it is therefore an entirely tragic love story where they are only allowed to meet in the middle for a singular moment.

Don't confuse high concept with no conflict. There is a distinct difference

A Strange Boy said...

I haven't seen Wall-E yet but a friend of mine said that was the strongest movie he's seen in a long time.

I hope Winslet eventually gets it before we see "57-time nominee, 0 wins"

The Feral Kid said...

Thomas B,

She's right. Ben B is the most passive protagonist in the history of film .. which made it a boring movie.

High production value yes, poor script most definitely.

Dan Williams said...

You're doing well to have seen all these films!

And it's okay if somebody strongly disagrees with you because everybody is entitled to their own opinion. When they strongly disagree, it's more about them and their life, and so the reaction, or overreaction is kind of interesting. Or it is to me, anyway.

dannytribe19 said...

Haikus, nice!

Greg M said...

The Dark Knight:

I like Chris Nolan.
Best Comic Book Movie EVS.
Why no Oscar? Greg sad.

(yeah, I added an extra syllable at the end, for laughs… and, for the record, I'm thrilled at the noms for Slumdog Millionaire, Frost/Nixon, and Milk, all deserving, and agree that Doubt and Revolutionary Road just don't cut it. I'd rank Dark Knight ahead of Button and The Reader, however.)