Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is there another way?

Robert writes: Do you ever think that you might try and write/produce/direct something independently and go that route or are you just going to try and stick the writing?

Good question. There are certainly a lot of different paths you can take to becoming a successful writer, and there is no guarantee that any one path will pay off (it's probably the best and worst thing about what we're doing). It's possible that someday I'll want to produce and/or direct...but right now my main goal is just writing, so I'm going to stick to that. It'd be cool to have a short to show people, but those cost a lot of money and time and grief to make. In a way, we just-writers have it easier because we can just sit and write specs without spending a dime to show off our talents, while directors and producers can't. I have an idea for a short that an aspiring producer friend of mine is interested in making, so perhaps after I finish my feature and my spec show and my second pilot I will get to that. But I think to get an agent or manager it's more important to have my scripts polished.

Plenty of people toil independently, put stuff on the internet, etc. etc. - but I am very much immersed in the traditional world of writing for commercial, mainstream film and television, and I am trying to succeed within that system. It's not the only way, but it's the way that makes the most sense for me right now.

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