Sunday, December 14, 2008

Science and medicine

I have bronchitis. I went to Cedars Sinai today, got me some drugs and some respiratory therapy, and was certainly disappointed when Greg House never hobbled in my room to go on a rude-yet-sexy diatribe and perform illegal surgery. My doctor kinda reminded me of Kutner, though!

Darren wrote in to share this WSJ article about BIG BANG THEORY, one of my faves. Thanks, dude!

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APM said...

House was probably hung over from the SNL after-party since he hosted yesterday.

Dan Williams said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope you get better soon. I had a really good doctor a while ago before he retired. He suggested I wrap a scarf around my neck if I had throat problems. Apparently the microbes that cause the throat pain like the cold but not the heat. Anyway, it worked for me.

The WSJ article was good. It points to a trend, I would argue. Information intensive stories are what the audience seems to want. So what subject outside of writing really interests you? Can you imagine a prime time show that was "math-intensive"? Maybe geometry? It could encourage the audience to complete high school math and get a science degree and go for a high-paying tech job as well as showing fascinating information each week.

dannytribe19 said...

Nice article, I just watched Big Bang Theory for the first time tonight. I was wondering how you write that kind of show without in depth science knowledge--cool to see the UCLA professor involved.

Dan Williams said...

How about a pilot for a kid's show? Something like CAPTAIN KANGAROO?

In Canada, we had this kid's show called RAZZLE DAZZLE and they had a puppet character, Howard the Turtle, who was always cracking jokes. The show could be oriented towards cool stuff about math and science and robots and biofuels and the stock market and engineering and business. There isn't a show like this that I'm aware of. And prime time shows don't have to be your only goals. A kid's show could be an awful lot of fun! And Howard the Turtle deserves to live again!