Thursday, December 11, 2008

Making contacts at a seminar?

Phil writes: I read this morning that Robert McKee is giving a series of classes in LA in February and thought I might come over (it'll be a change from the sort of places I usually go). I just wondered if, while I'm there, it would be possible to meet people who might be interested in having a chat about, or a look at, my screenplays, and if so, how I would go about trying to arrange something.

I've never been to one of McKee's seminars, so I open the floor to anyone who has. But I would imagine that it's going to be filled with aspiring writers, not agents or managers or producers. It never hurts to meet other writers, but at that level they're not the people who are going to be able to help your career.

Sometimes you can meet people at other kinds of events through Paley, WGA, JHRTS, etc., but again, it's going to be mostly up-and-comers like you. It's always kind of a crapshoot, and it's rare that rushing up to someone after a speaking engagement will result in a deep connection. That's why I recommend getting a job in the industry, where you can learn a lot and really get to know people.

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Monsterbeard said...

I bought a Map of the Stars and I'm working my way through it. Best networking tool I've found so far.

Wrongshore said...

Volunteering at WGA events occasionally allows you to meet the panelists.